Charting the Social TV audience: Fall 2011

Today Seevibes publishes its first hit parade of the top-rated French-language TV shows in Canada based on the social engagement of viewers.

Broadcasters are investing more and more in social media to develop commitment to their programs, immerse viewers in the atmosphere of their series between broadcasts and revalorise their content. The measurement of the Social TV audience provided by Seevibes gives a clear view of the actors involved and their performance.

The 30 top shows on the chart are classified according to their Seevibes Score, a metric exclusive to Seevibes – on a scale from 0 to 100 – based on six indices of content analysis and TV show audience profiles on social media.

Through the 24/24h study of hundreds of TV shows, 260 million social interactions were collected, filtered and analyzed by Seevibes. We worked with public data from Twitter and Facebook from September 5 to December 18, 2011 for the French-language television market in Canada. Over this period, more than 200,000 unique individuals expressed their involvement with one or more shows.

Update 01/17/2012: Because of a problem compiling the data, we omitted two programs, Salut, Bonjour! / TVA and La Galère / Radio Canada, which hold the 12th and 18th position respectively. Therefore, Destinées / TVA and Les détestables / V drop off this list because they’re in the 31st and 32nd position. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Seevibes - Charting the Social TV audience: Fall 2011

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