Duck Dynasty: For the Love of Camouflage

Duck Dynasty Season 3

Have you – or someone you love – started to develop an interest in dressing in camouflage? Long, flowing, ZZ Top-esque beards? A life-consuming obsession with duck hunting? If so, then you might be a redneck. Wait, that’s not right. Let’s try again. If so, then you might be a fan of Duck Dynasty.

For those late to this party, and it is a party, Duck Dynasty is one of the most popular shows on cable television right now. Already enjoying incredible ratings, the third season premiere made the record books as the most watched telecast in network history. Not too bad for a former college football star and his bearded, camo-wearing clan.

Duck Dynasty airs on the A&E network, and follows the misadventures of patriarch Phil (the aforementioned football star and founder of Duck Commander, a multi-million dollar hunting accessory business) and his extended family. Now, some members of this Louisiana-based family may claim to be tech-illiterate – but their social media campaign proves that there is a lot more than meets with eye with the Duck Dynasty clan. Their popularity is no accident.

Duck Dynasty on Facebook
There’s something for almost every type of fan on the show’s Facebook page. (This may be the one time where camouflage actually makes an object easier to spot – you’ll know the official page by the generous camo decor.) Curious to know what you’d look like with a Dynasty-esque beard? Want to share your love of Dynasty with a fancied-up profile pic or timeline photo? Now, you can ‘Duck Out Your Profile’ picture with a camouflaged border (available in pink camo for the ladies!), icons and short quotes from Uncle Si himself. You can also ‘Duck Out Your Cover’ with pre-formatted timeline images from the show, or try on their beards with ‘Duck Dynasty Beard Yourself’.

Duck Dynasty House Party
Recently, the show partnered with, a site that gives brands the opportunity to connect with people offline through a hosted party. House party hosts receive a ‘Party Pack’ of goodies to share with their guests, and parties are thrown at a specific time and date. For the Duck Dynasty viewing party, hosts received fake beards, coasters, cups, a DVD featuring an extended episode and t-shirts, among other surprises.

Duck Dynasty, the Memes
Whether it’s the Ryan Gosling-Hey Girl meme, or the classic (and by nature, offensive) ‘Yo Mamma’ joke memes – the Duck Dynasty crew has benefited from the viral nature of the meme and put their own spin on these internet trends. Pictures of Uncle Si, combined with his particular brand of folksy wisdom quotes, are popping up on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Even for those who aren’t familiar with the show, there are still many laughs to be had – the cast isn’t afraid to poke fun at themselves through co-opting the ‘redneck’ stereotypes that made comedian Jeff Foxworthy a household name.

If you haven’t already paid a visit to the Duck Dynasty home, you should. It’s a funny, strange look at American niche culture that will have you laughing long after the episode has ended.

Hunting Social Media

For the third season, the reality show Duck Dynasty has made quite a good impression towards viewers. Enjoying a very well-constructed social strategy, it is not surprising to see the show appear regularly in the top of Seevibes.

With peaks of activity that can exceed more than 19 000 interactions in Canada on the broadcasting day, Duck Dynasty is getting very popular on social media, especially with women, who represent 62% of the social audience.

Social Audience

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