Second Screen: Are you smartphone or tablet when you watch TV?

2013 started strong for social TV. Sporting events and music specials, like the Super Bowl and Grammy Awards, always generate more activity on social media. At the same time, networks and producers constantly innovate to maximize their presence across media platforms like Shazam, live hashtags and second screen apps.

After publishing its first major study on the use of second screen devices by viewers in June 2012, Seevibes is taking a second look at the evolution of the devices used by the Social TV audience.

Major trends identified last June are continuing. With the release of the iPad mini, the Surface tablet and the Nexus 7, it’s no surprise to see tablets growing sharply as second screens in the home, at a rate of +260% in one year.

In contrast, computer use for social TV is falling fast, with the iPhone taking its place at the top of the list. BlackBerry also suffered a decline, although note that this study was completed before the release of the BlackBerry 10.

In a couple of months we’ll look again to see if yet another technological revolution is happening in your living room. In the meantime, visit our Facebook page to answer our survey

Second Screen: Are you smartphone or tablet when you watch TV?


  1. Tibo says:

    Very interesting, I would have think that more people are using tablets but make sense. Do we know what is the % of Canadians having one?

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  3. Anthony Smith-Chaigneau says:

    There are more people watching TV on TV – MUCH more

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