Audience Management Made Easy

Identify and target the most relevant audiences

The Seevibes Audience Management Platform (AMP) connects customer and proprietary audience data – more than 150 millions engaged profiles – with the most effective advertising networks to deliver outstanding performance for your digital campaigns. Seevibes AMP delivers a seamless experience and maximizes performance and revenues, regardless of your challenge.

Seevibes Audience Management Platform

Audience Manager

Seevibes makes performance marketing easy by providing a single point of access to leverage your customer data – CRM & eCommerce emails – with all your marketing efforts – Social Media & Mobile Advertising – right from the Seevibes Audience Management Platform (AMP).

Audience Profiler

The Audience Profiler analyses your customer data and enriches it with the Seevibes proprietary data to shape your most valuable buyer persona. It helps expand the reach of your campaigns and helps you choose where to spend your money for the greatest return on your investment.

Audience Profiler

Audience Builder

Leverage the Seevibes Audience Builder to quickly access more than 50,000 unique audience segments – around 10,000 brands and 300 product categories – to adapt your ads targeting by market and customer profile. Dig into Seevibes’ unique database of more than 150 million user profiles to finally create the segmentation that best suits your needs.

Key features

Enrich your customer data with Seevibes proprietary data to build your persona.
Get your ads to the most relevant and personalized audiences at scale.
Deliver highly targeted campaigns to improve your return on investment.