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From Facebook to Seevibes, a successful transfer for Sylvain Martel

By |15 Sep 2016|

Seevibes, the leading provider of smart audience data for ad targeting is pleased to announce that it has acquired the talents of Sylvain Martel in the position of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to sustain the international growth of the company.
For Sylvain Martel, “My time at Facebook provided me with an […]

Seevibes launches the Audience Management Platform

By |19 May 2016|

To develop smarter marketing, Seevibes , is launching the Audience Management Platform (AMP), a solution that connects customer data and Seevibes’ audience data from more than 150 million engaged profiles, to the most efficient advertising networks to finally bring performance to digital campaigns.

How to increase in-store sales with Facebook Ads?

By |21 Apr 2016|

We invite you to discover how Facebook Ads can become a powerful tool for increasing quality traffic and increasing in-store sales through the St-Hubert case study and through the use of Seevibes' targeted audience data.

How to generate qualified online traffic with Twitter Ads?

By |7 Apr 2016|

Today, we invite you to discover how Twitter Ads can become a powerful tool for generating quality traffic and maximizing online ticket sales.

How to boost online bookings with Twitter Ads?

By |30 Mar 2016|

In a recent article, we discussed the question of How to finally get performance with Facebook and Twitter ads. Today, we invite you to discover how Twitter Ads can become a powerful tool for acquiring new clients through the Bird Office case study and through the use of Seevibes’ targeted audience data.

Bird Office is the […]

#RealTime Marketing: Domino’s Shows Its Love for Love

By |7 Jul 2015|

Marketing in real time is a trend many brands have adopted. This strategy not only allows for real-time interactions with users, but if done well, can also be a huge tool in gaining visibility.
After the announcement of the supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across the United States, many brands […]

Which Device Provides the Best Second Screen Experience?

By |21 Jan 2015|

The second screen trend is expanding into a daily norm for viewers who constantly multi-task as they consume content from multiple screens - television, laptop, tablets and smartphones. Following our last infographic about The Most Popular Devices in Canada from 6 months ago, Seevibes compares the evolution of viewers' second screen devices usage.

Big Mac & French Fries Fight for Being the Star on Social Media

By |16 Jan 2015|

With billions of customers served, and one of the most recognizable logos on the planet, it wouldn’t seem like McDonald’s needs to do a lot of social campaigning to get people in their doors. However, in this age of rising concern over obesity and a public eager for healthier food […]

Real-Time Marketing: And The Winner is … Netflix!

By |16 Jan 2015|

Brands must intensify their imagination to maximize user engagement. Real-time marketing is now a trend that many brands have adopted, a way to be creative and surf on what's buzzing. Major TV, sports and cultural events are opportunities for brands to amplify the impact of their message on social media. Today, Seevibes shares its analysis of how Netflix took advantage of the Golden Globes 2015 to place itself in the social conversation in real time to build more visibility.

Top 10: The Most Engaging Brands on Facebook

By |8 Jan 2015|

Brands seek to exploit opportunities that social media can offer, especially on Facebook and Twitter. They no longer develop their advertising campaign only on television. Seevibes, leading provider of social TV audience intelligence and social media targeting takes a look at the most engaging brands on Facebook during a 3 month period.

The Best of Television on Social Media in 2014

By |30 Dec 2014|

Another year is ending and Seevibes, leading provider of social TV audience intelligence for social media advertising targeting, take a look back to analyse this year of TV with you. Don't wait any longer to find out what are the 10 TV programs that have punctuated our lives during this year, and made viewers more chatty than ever on social media.

Top 10: TV Shows with the Most Brand Affinity

By |17 Nov 2014|

Seevibes now provides ranking of the TV shows with a social audience that engage the most with brands. Stay connected to social TV and discover the ranking of TV shows in Canada according to their affinity with a brand.

Top 10 TV Shows that have the Most Affinity with Brands

By |17 Sep 2014|

Seevibes now provides ranking of the TV shows with a social audience that engage the most with brands. Stay connected to social TV and discover the first ranking of TV shows in Canada according to their affinity with a brand. In this first edition, we find that the leader this month is CBC News, followed by The Cleveland show. During the month of August, 92% of the News social audience mentioned one or more brands. The majority mentioned brands related to the category "Government", while The Cleveland show's social audience mentioned most brands from the "food" category.

The Seevibes Market Insight brings a clear understanding of social TV

By |11 Jun 2014|

The leader in measuring social TV audience, Seevibes provides an overview of the social TV market through the Market Insight in order to help marketing and advertising professionals make better decisions. Seevibes, a Montreal company specializing in the global measurement and targeting of the social TV audience, launches today the Seevibes Market Insight and the publication of a white paper study about social television in Canada. The Market Insight allows broadcasters, agencies and advertisers access to any market’s social audience, through over 100 channels and 265 000 broadcasted programs in Canada. With the use of the Seevibes Market Insight, media professionals have the opportunity to complement traditional TV ratings and learn more about the behaviours of viewers. Through the use of ten key performance indicators, users can determine which programs are the most interesting to viewers, analyze the impact of their digital strategies and communicate their social performance.

White Paper : The State of Social TV in Canada

By |11 Jun 2014|

Along with the launch of the Seevibes Market Insight, Seevibes conducted an exclusive study about the state of social television in Canada. This study highlights the key industry figures and the best practices for measuring social audience. The behaviour of Television viewers has been rapidly evolving over the years. In the first quarter of 2014, 7 million Canadians were engaged about a TV show on social media. With an increase of 12% from Q1 2013, there has been a considerable transformation in the social participation of Canadian viewers.

Women on average, interact more about TV shows than men on social networks. 65% of social TV participants on Facebook are women, whereas the distribution on Twitter is more balanced.

Seevibes raises $1,000,000 Seed Round to further accelerate its international expansion

By |26 May 2014|

The leader in social TV audience currently analyzes over a billion social interactions every year.

Seevibes, the Montreal based Social TV audience company that measures and analyses the world’s global social TV audience, today announced the close of a $1 million Seed round led by Polytech Ventures with follow-on investments from previous investors Real Ventures and Bryan Freeman. Graduate of FounderFuel, the Montreal-based startup accelerator, the company currently has offices across North America and Europe (Montreal, Paris and at theEcole Polytechnique Federal in Lausanne). The fresh influx of capital will allow the company to ramp up international development efforts, to secure additional media partnerships such as the recently announced deal with Havas Media (for creating the Social Rating Point) and to bolster the growing team.

Banks, seeking for a new brand image on social medias

By |8 May 2014|

BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, La Banque Postale – all banks seek the same thing today: to appeal to youth, the investors of tomorrow. With good reason, young people have lost confidence in banking. How can banks restore their reputations in the face of such distrust? One answer might be to launch new innovations on social networks. Some viewers show an affinity with the banking sector In March 2014, Seevibes highlighted that 39% of viewers observed showed an interest in both a TV program and a financial institution on Facebook. To capitalize on Social TV may prove to be a good way for banks to reach an engaged audience. The brand affinity rate, as shown below, is the percentage of TV show’s social audience that is also engaged on a certain brand category, finance in this case .

César Awards 2014: A multi-screen success for Canal+

By |15 Apr 2014|

An event eagerly awaited by movie fans, the 39th César Awards ceremony stood out in the first quarter of 2014 for a level of social engagement rarely achieved by this kind of broadcast. This legendary ceremony was also an opportunity for lovers of cinema to express themselves on the Web. The Twitter crush on the Césars propelled the Canal+ broadcast into first place in the Seevibes social ranking.

Social TV: Seevibes Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows

By |4 Apr 2014|

Stay connected to social TV and discover the ranking of the TV shows that have generated the most buzz on social media during the month of March in Canada. The 86th annual Academy Awards ceremony was a huge success on social media, so it's no suprise to see the show reaching  the first place. A special tweet was sent during the ceremony by the host Elle DeGeneres, the most retweeted post ever on Twitter!

Seevibes sponsors the « Digital Minds Summit » at the 2014 MIPTV

By |1 Apr 2014|

Seevibes sponsors the « Digital Minds Summit » at the 2014 MIPTV

"How can television leverage the collection and analysis of data to better engage its audience?" is the theme of Digital Minds Summit 2014."

The Digital Minds Summit is the ultimate think-tank for strategists of digital TV and online video. This year Seevibes has the honour of refreshing the bodies and minds of the participants by its sponsorship of the coffee break.