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From Facebook to Seevibes, a successful transfer for Sylvain Martel

By |15 Sep 2016|

Seevibes, the leading provider of smart audience data for ad targeting is pleased to announce that it has acquired the talents of Sylvain Martel in the position of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to sustain the international growth of the company.
For Sylvain Martel, “My time at Facebook provided me with an […]

Come Meet Seevibes at the Startup Open House 2016

By |9 Sep 2016|

For the third consecutive year, the Seevibes team is ready to welcome you on September 22, for the annual open house for Montreal startups. The Startup Open House is an event not to be missed for those looking to meet key players in the technology industry in your city.

Seevibes Celebrates its 5th Anniversary of Innovations

By |7 Sep 2016|

2011–2016, today, Seevibes celebrates an important stage in its life as a company, marked by meetings, successes, and innovating and exciting projects.

The Social Graph Pioneer Takes Over as Chief Technology Officer at Seevibes

By |28 Apr 2016|

Seevibes, the leading provider of smart audience data for efficient advertising, welcomes the talents of Philippe Bouzaglou in the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to further aid in the launch of its new generation of products.

Seevibes Awakens the Force for the Startup Open House

By |27 Oct 2015|

Come one, come all! On October 29th, Seevibes will be 1 of 300 startups in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver who will be hosting the 3rd annual Startup Open House. The Startup Open House presents an opportunity to get a glimpse into the offices of a startup and understand the culture and uniqueness […]

Seevibes boosts Twitter Ads with the first Tailored Audience Builder

By |25 Jun 2015|

Seevibes, the leading provider of smart data targeting for efficient social media advertising, announced today the launch of its Tailored Audience Builder – the first solution to combine high-performance targeting with a large audience for Twitter Ads campaigns.

Transforming Big Data into Smart Data is a science. By analyzing billions of […]

Seevibes consolidates its expansion in Canada

By |28 Jan 2015|

Seevibes, the leading provider of social TV audience Data for ad targeting on social media, announces the opening of a new office in Toronto and the appointment of Franz Fontaine as Vice-President of Strategic Development.

Darewin and Seevibes team up for Netflix France launch

By |1 Sep 2014|

Two weeks ahead of the launch of Netflix in France, bringing its Netflix Original Series including the recently introduced Marseille, the Darewin agency won Netflix's deal to manage social media, giving it the opportunity to partner with Seevibes again.

The Seevibes Market Insight brings a clear understanding of social TV

By |11 Jun 2014|

The leader in measuring social TV audience, Seevibes provides an overview of the social TV market through the Market Insight in order to help marketing and advertising professionals make better decisions. Seevibes, a Montreal company specializing in the global measurement and targeting of the social TV audience, launches today the Seevibes Market Insight and the publication of a white paper study about social television in Canada. The Market Insight allows broadcasters, agencies and advertisers access to any market’s social audience, through over 100 channels and 265 000 broadcasted programs in Canada. With the use of the Seevibes Market Insight, media professionals have the opportunity to complement traditional TV ratings and learn more about the behaviours of viewers. Through the use of ten key performance indicators, users can determine which programs are the most interesting to viewers, analyze the impact of their digital strategies and communicate their social performance.

Seevibes joins IAB Canada

By |29 May 2014|

Seevibes is happy to announce that they will be joining the Canadian Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to collaborate efforts, share knowlege, work on the social audience measurement and facilitate second-screen adverstisement camapaigns - on TV and on social media.

Founded in 1996, IAB has over 600 buisnesses that speciliaze in media. They focus their efforts on developing interactive advertising on all screens and establishing new standards of measurement for the social media industry. IAB Canada is also one of the fastest growing chains in the IAB networks.

Seevibes raises $1,000,000 Seed Round to further accelerate its international expansion

By |26 May 2014|

The leader in social TV audience currently analyzes over a billion social interactions every year.

Seevibes, the Montreal based Social TV audience company that measures and analyses the world’s global social TV audience, today announced the close of a $1 million Seed round led by Polytech Ventures with follow-on investments from previous investors Real Ventures and Bryan Freeman. Graduate of FounderFuel, the Montreal-based startup accelerator, the company currently has offices across North America and Europe (Montreal, Paris and at theEcole Polytechnique Federal in Lausanne). The fresh influx of capital will allow the company to ramp up international development efforts, to secure additional media partnerships such as the recently announced deal with Havas Media (for creating the Social Rating Point) and to bolster the growing team.

Havas Media is revolutionizing Social TV media planning with Seevibes

By |25 Apr 2014|

Havas Media and Seevibes have devised the SRP — Social Rating Point, a new indicator to measure the ability of a TV show to generate social engagement.

Right now, three out of every four television viewers in Canada regularly use a second screen (tablet , smartphone, desktop) while watching. One out of every five internet users regularly discusses TV shows live on social networks. Commenting on TV shows isn't a marginal activity – it's massive. The number of interactions related to TV programs increased by more than 100% between 2012 and 2013. Havas Media wanted to understand this phenomenon better to innovate in its recommendations to clients. Havas Media has partnered with Seevibes — the leader in measuring the social TV audience — to quantify the social resonance of TV shows and compare it with the Mediamétrie assessment of the show's audience.

Seevibes sponsors the « Digital Minds Summit » at the 2014 MIPTV

By |1 Apr 2014|

Seevibes sponsors the « Digital Minds Summit » at the 2014 MIPTV

"How can television leverage the collection and analysis of data to better engage its audience?" is the theme of Digital Minds Summit 2014."

The Digital Minds Summit is the ultimate think-tank for strategists of digital TV and online video. This year Seevibes has the honour of refreshing the bodies and minds of the participants by its sponsorship of the coffee break.

Seevibes & Evolumedia Offers you an Exclusive Report on Social TV in Canada

By |12 Jun 2013|

Seevibes & Evolumedia Offers you an Exclusive Report on Social TV in Canada Season one of BIG BROTHER CANADA, broadcasted on Global then Slice this winter, became the first Canadian-produced TV show to enter the Top 10 Social TV Ranking in Canada. This was evidenced by the Canadian Social TV Report, the first Canadian report to draw a portrait of Social TV among Canadian audiences during the latest TV season. Co-published by Seevibes and The Evolumedia Group seeks to give media companies a broader outlook on the impact of social interactions as full constituents of today’s broadcasting landscape. Based on proprietary analytics compiled by Seevibes, this document highlights the most notable social interactions on Canadian (English) TV from January to April 2013, as well as the most popular social comments and the biggest social media influencers related to Canadian TV.

Meet Seevibes at the Banff World Media Festival

By |6 Jun 2013|

Meet Seevibes at the Banff World Media Festival We're delighted to announce that we're participating in the Banff World Media Festival again this year. Held from June 9 to 12, Banff is a well-known gathering for the major media sector. Media professionals come to Banff from around the world to discuss emerging issues, negotiate future productions and discuss new business opportunities. Invited as an expert in social TV, Seevibes president Laurent Maisonnave will share his vision of the market in panel discussions about social television and about major issues related to the second screen.

LVL Studio Partners with Seevibes to Measure and Monetize the Second Screen at NAB 2013

By |12 Apr 2013|

LVL Studio’s Purple integrates with Seevibes’ social TV measurement solutions, to provide 360-degree second-screen analytics to broadcasters, producers, and TV service providers.

LVL Studio’s Purple TV application platform, launched at NAB 2013, incorporates a suite of reporting tools to provide actionable insights, aimed at enhancing the ROI and monetization potential of second-screen apps.

Seevibes boots up Social TV at MIPCOM 2012

By |28 Sep 2012|

Seevibes boots up Social TV at MIPCOM 2012 Laurent Maisonnave, founding president of Seevibes, will host a workshop on Social TV at MIPCOM on Thursday, October 11 in Cannes. MIPCOM is the audiovisual world’s premier international event. Every year at the same time, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes hosts the major players in the industry who meet to present and negotiate new television content.

Seevibes launches the first Social TV audience ratings in Canada

By |13 Jun 2012|

Seevibes launches the first social TV audience ranking in Canada Seevibes — Canada's leader in social TV audience measurement — is seizing the opportunity of the Banff World Media Festival to inaugurate Seevibes TV Ratings. This service, accessible at, allows users to view the ratings of Canadian TV shows via the experience viewers share on social media. Seevibes offers broadcasters and media professionals exclusive data on the television audience to help them valorize their TV programming and optimize their cross-media ad campaigns. Canadians spend more than 28 hours a week watching television and the latest studies show they still love their TV. But social media have changed their relationship with television. Seevibes realized that for the 18 million Canadians on social networks, it's become common practice to share commentary on TV shows via Facebook and Twitter. Broadcasters and TV personalities quickly picked up on the opportunity to reach the public and build their brand via social media.

Seevibes at the Banff World Media Festival

By |8 Jun 2012|

Seevibes at the Banff World Media Festival From June 10 to 13, Seevibes will be in Banff where major players in the TV industry will be gathering from all over the world. There will be discussions on key trends and wheeling and dealing over new productions which you'll see on TV within a few months. Seevibes will take advantage of the festive Banff scene to make an announcement that will be as important for the company as for the future of social TV in Canada. We'll leave you in suspense for the next few days.