Can social media support performance marketing strategies? Are there ways to give Facebook and Twitter ads full acquisition channels to support sales and lead generation?

Marketing 2016: Perform or die

If you have a store in 2016, whether retailer or e-commerce, competition is so fierce that you have to put pressure on marketing to provide the best return on investment. Every dollar spent must count, and it’s crucial to have accurate feedback on the impact that your marketing strategies have on your sales.

The omnichannel trend, a seamless shopping experience for the consumer, is an opportunity for marketers to distinguish their promotional channels. At the same time, pressure for results pushes marketers to be more creative and open to channels like social media, that weren’t directly used for performance.

The Saga of Performance on Social Media

How can we finally get performance with Facebook and Twitter ads? I flew to San Francisco in July 2014 with this question in mind. There, I met with Facebook and Twitter to present our Seevibes advertising performance solution to them. The goal was to help advertisers go beyond the quest for the highest number of followers and buzz marketing to generate real sales dollars and business development.

After 5 years of analyzing consummer engagement on social media through more than 10 billion data points and 100 million profiles, Seevibes has developed the first ad targeting solution dedicated to performance for Twitter and Facebook ads.

Seevibes provides a solution offering the automatic creation of audience segments from a powerful mix of data:

  • 1st Party: Customer Data
  • 2nd Party: Facebook / Twitter Data
  • 3rd Party: Seevibes Engagement Graph

Today, dozens of advertisers – food, entertainment, automotive, tourism, furniture – profit from the Seevibes data targeting and marketing performance solutions to rapidly increase sales in Canada, the US and Europe.