In a recent article, we discussed the question of How to finally get performance with Facebook and Twitter ads. Today, we invite you to discover how Facebook Ads can become a powerful tool for generating qualified leads through the National Bank of Canada case study and through the use of Seevibes’ targeted audience data.


The National Bank of Canada is one of the largest commercial banks in the country, with over 2.4 million personal clients and branches in almost all Canadian provinces. One of the many products they offer is their World Elite MasterCard, a credit card targeted towards higher income couples or families with a propensity for travel.


The objective of this campaign was to generate leads within the Quebecois market by promoting the new World Elite MasterCard credit card. They decided to run a Facebook Website Conversion campaign in order to encourage prospects to fill out the credit card application form.

Keys To Success

  • A/B testing different targets to improve the campaign performance
  • Targeting with Seevibes top performing audiences to reach the profiles with the most added value
  • Optimization of the creatives and ad placements to maximize the performance of the campaign

The challenge for this campaign was not only to generate more leads, but to generate more qualified leads that would have a higher chance of being accepted for the World Elite Mastercard. By using Seevibes’ smart data to create the audiences for this campaign, National Bank was able to see an extremely high acceptance rate throughout this campaign. In the final week of the campaign, the acceptance rate was at 100%.


Through strategy and optimization throughout the campaign, Seevibes was able to decrease the cost per soft conversion by -35% (click to “Apply now”). From all the forms submitted, we registered a 79% acceptance rate, thanks to our qualified targeting.

graph BNC EN


Melanie Roth
Senior Director, Go to Market Strategy, National Bank of Canada

“Facebook has always been a good source for leads for us, but often, we quickly saturate our audiences, which limits acquisitions via this channel. Seevibes’ data not only made a difference in terms of the quality of leads but also in terms of the quantity. We are now able to take full advantage of the potential of this acquisition channel.”