In a recent article, we discussed the question of How to finally get performance with Facebook and Twitter ads. Today, we invite you to discover how Facebook Ads can become a powerful tool for maximizing lead generation  in order to increase emails acquisition through the case study of a client in the cosmetics industry and through the use of Seevibes’ targeted audience data.


A two-part campaign was launched in both Canada and the USA. Phase 1 was optimized for video views to increase visibility and phase 2 was optimized for lead generation in order to capture new emails for the company’s client database.

Keys To Success

  • A/B testing different targets to improve the campaign performance through the analysis of the audience profiler and through the client brief
  • Building an audience from profiles touched by the video campaign to later retarget with the lead gen ads
  • Targeting with Seevibes top performing audiences to reach the profiles with the most added value

Initially, the client wished to run an online conversion campaign to increase sales on their website. After a few weeks of monitoring and optimization, it was decided that this was not the best strategy. We realized that the client did not have enough brand awareness in North America to obtain the results they wanted. This is when we decided to shift our objective to lead generation. This was preceded by a video view campaign to increase brand awareness and to build an audience that could later be retargeted by the lead generation ads.


Seevibes’ exclusive data helped build the most performant targeting. This, combined with our strategy and optimization throughout the campaign, allowed Seevibes to increase the number of leads generated by 22% and to decrease the cost per lead by -18%.


lead gen_shu uemura_en

Cost Per Lead & Leads Generated