In a recent article, we discussed the question of How to finally get performance with Facebook and Twitter ads. Today, we invite you to discover how Facebook Ads can become a powerful tool for increasing in-store traffic through the GURU ENERGY case study and through the use of Seevibes’ targeted audience data.


GURU is the first Canadian brand of organic energy drinks, a market growing rapidly at an international level. Founded in Montreal, GURU now markets and distributes its products throughout Canada and the United States in the health and organic food segments.


In order to support the sales of its products in the United States, GURU worked with Seevibes in order to develop a “Drive-to-store” Facebook ads campaign in California, in collaboration with the chain of Whole Foods Market stores.

Keys To Success

  • Targeting with Seevibes top performing audiences to reach the profiles with the most added value
  • A/B testing different targets to improve the campaign performance through the analysis of the audience profiler
  • Taking advantage of Facebook Ad’s geo-targeting option to target zip codes where Whole Foods are located in San Francisco


Seevibes’ exclusive data helped build the most performant targeting. This, combined with our strategy and continuous optimization throughout the campaign, GURU saw an increase in sales of +25% in the targeted zone, as compared to the other stores in that region.


in-store traffic GURU


Carl Goyette
Vide President, Sales and Marketing, GURU Beverages Inc.

“To distinguish ourselves within a rapidly growing market, GURU innovates as much in its marketing as it does in its products. With Seevibes as our partner, we were able to find real intelligent data used to run performant campaigns on Facebook, a major channel used to support our in-store sales.”