Engagement Graph

By analyzing billions of data points collected from +150 million profiles across 8 countries and 5 languages, Seevibes has built the Engagement Graph – a true map of the engagement of people on Facebook and Twitter.

Seevibes’ Engagement Graph was developed and optimized over five years ago by a team of researchers, data scientists and media specialists. Seevibes uses its proprietary analytical algorithms and natural language processing system on a daily basis to filter and enrich the stream of Facebook and Twitter content. Through this process, Seevibes is able to determine the level of people’s engagement with every interest, thus creating the most accurate and best performing advertising targeting.

Smart Data

 Transform smart data into intelligent marketing

  • Social Media Data
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Profile Enrichment
  • Geo-Profiling
  • Machine Learning
  • Language Detection
  • Brand affinity
  • Performance Metrics

Powerful Data Mix

Seevibes’s technology combines first party data with social media data sources and proprietary data to build a better understanding of customers and the most accurate targeting. This unique combination of proprietary data creates very powerful, accurate results-driven campaigns.

The level of detail in our 50,000 audience segments is second to none. It has been made possible on a global scale through our page-level contextualization engine.

Using Seevibes’ proprietary lookalike modelling technology we isolate the behaviours, interests and intentions of an advertiser’s key persona to develop tailored audiences.

Powerful data mix

Audience Optimization Algorithm

Through a cutting edge machine learning system, the Seevibes Audience Optimization Algorithm learns what works and does not work as audiences are rolling in different advertising campaigns. This leads to a dynamique network effect where all Seevibes’ clients benefit from the experience of other clients to optimize their audience targeting. The beauty of the Seevibes Audience Optimization Algorithm is that it gets smarter with predictions with each new campaign it runs.


Seevibes enables advertisers to model, target and optimize digital campaigns against our unique engagement and interest-based audiences. Powered by page-level big data segmentation and transparent lookalike modelling, our Audience Management Platform (AMP) technology drives performance and engagement.
Advertisers can now benefit from the Seevibes Engagement Graph, proprietary data on 50,000 unique interests and intentions audience segments built from +10 billion consumer data points on +150 million user profiles in North America and Europe.
Leverage Seevibes unique data base and proprietary lookalike algorithm to find the interests and behaviours of your best customers and build an audience targeting to reach new prospects that share the same characteristics.