Seevibes, audience intelligence to support performance marketing across devices and advertising networks.

Back in 2011, Seevibes started with the vision that television is not dead. TV was still the number one media, and more importantly, TV was number one on social media. Despite these facts, nobody was monetizing the Social TV audience.

In 2012, the company built a strong credibility around its social TV data, offering an analytics dashboard to monetize the social TV audience and optimize cross-media planning.

In 2013, Seevibes developed its business with the major TV networks and media agencies. But, being the leading provider of social TV ratings in Canada was not enough. The company decided to go even further and expand its geo-footprint with the acquisition of TvTweet, one of the first Twitter TV ratings provider in Europe.

In 2014, Seevibes seized the opportunity to develop its targeting capacity and launched a unique brand affinity technology to enrich the social media profiling to help media planners target their sweet spot. Following its success in Canada and France, Seevibes extended its data footprint in the UK, Belgium, Germany, and the US to build the largest social TV graph. Based on billions of data points analyzed and enriched by Seevibes exclusive technology, we aggregate the knowledge of TV viewers’ engagement on social media in order to build smarter marketing solutions.

Today, Seevibes has become the leading provider of smart data targeting for efficient social media advertising. Our mission is to help the top brands and media agencies target the most engaged profiles and build tailored audiences to improve Twitter Ads campaign performance — increasing reach and lowering the cost of acquisition.

Laurent Maisonnave
CEO & Founder

“Marketers used to say “50% of the money spent on advertising is wasted; the trouble is we don’t know which 50%”. Seevibes proves that 100% of Ad dollars can be used efficiently!”